KFC will test 3D bioprinting

KFC will test 3D bioprinting. Isn’t that amazing news? That is no doubt that 3D printing technology is more and more widely used.

KFC announced a chain in a July 16 news release. It’s that they will certainly examine hen nuggets made with 3D bioprinting innovation in Moscow, Russia, this autumn.


The poultry chain has actually partnered with 3D Bioprinting Solutions. And they produce a poultry nugget made in a laboratory with hen and also plant cells utilizing bioprinting. Bioprinting is utilized in medication to produce tissue as well as even body organs.

How is this done? Of course, it uses 3D-printing strategies to incorporate the biological product.

The 3D-printed chicken nuggets will closely simulate the preference and appearance of KFC’s original hen nuggets, according to the press launch. KFC anticipates the manufacturing of 3D-printed nuggets to be extra eco-friendly than the production procedure of its typical hen nuggets.

The autumn release will certainly mark the very first debut of a lab-grown hen nugget at a global fast-food chain like KFC.

So, what do you think obout that? If KFC sell the 3D-printed chicken nuggets, would you buy them?

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