3D Printing technology in ancient artifacts

Archeologist using 3D printing technology to create  artifacts

Archeologist Néstor Marqués is on the cutting side of the remediation, using 3D printing technology as a method to assist individuals to connect with ancient history.

Starting in 2012, Néstor started experimenting with means to integrate his love of modern technology with his enthusiasm for archeology. This resulted in the capability to bring back old artifacts in an entirely brand-new way.

Today, Nestor uses 3D printing to create full-size reproductions of ancient artifacts for galleries seeking to create an extra responsive experience for their visitors.

3D Printing technology in ancient artifacts

Focusing on the Roman World and social dissemination, Néstor takes a trip to the world producing virtual galleries. And he also establishes academic sources as well as techniques for galleries and also institutes. Actually, his job has caused the remediation of over 50 display screen pieces in 2018 alone.

Replicating Ancient Artefacts

3D Printing technology in ancient artifacts

Possibility of 3D printing technology

After 3D printing his first model in 2012, Néstor immediately acknowledged its possibility.

“3D printing technology allowed me to literally duplicate any type of object that I had actually developed or virtualized in a basic, cost-efficient means. It got rid of the demand to rely on large markets, as well as I quickly realized the effect this innovation can have, not only for galleries and also heritage; however also for my life!”, he said.


Nestor makes use of a technology called photogrammetry to initial scan relics to produce virtualizations and 3D designs. These scans can then be rendered right into a strong, three-dimensional version as well as 3D printed. His 3D printing software application of option is Simplify3D.

“I started utilizing Simplify3D to cut my versions due to the fact that I was tired of other usual slicers. I needed a functional, fast device that had the top quality as well as integrity I require for my work with galleries. After utilizing it for a few weeks, I would certainly never ever return to various other slicers. Simplify3D is both easy to use and also effective. It enables me to fix, check, and also configure every detail of my prints simply the means. “, he said.

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