Why is the material the core of 3D printing technology?

According to the principles of 3D printing technology, we can say that 3D printing technology is an interdisciplinary technology, and printing materials are the core of this technology.

The emergence of a material directly determines its 3D printing molding process, equipment structure, and molding properties. From the SLA technology in the 1980s to today’s 3D printing and molding, they all developed with the emergence of a certain new material.

Another example: liquid photosensitive resin promotes the development of SLA technology and equipment, thin-layer materials promote the development of LOM technology and equipment, and filamentary materials promote the development of FDM technology and equipment.

Due to the different physical forms and chemical properties of the materials, many varieties of 3D printing materials and different molding methods of 3D printing have been formed today.

3dprinting materials

New materials are an important thrust in the development of 3D printing technology for decades. Companies and research institutes all over the world dedicated to 3D printing technology are actively developing new materials that are more versatile and easier to print.

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