Top 10 3D Printing related blogs

As its current and potential uses are constantly expanded, 3D Printing has more and more practical uses through increased adaptability. So, where’s the best place to catch up on all that juicy 3D printing news?

We’ve taken a look and compiled our top 10 3D Printing related blogs. With insightful content, original designs and products, concise advisory columns and 3D printing projects, these blogs have become extremely popular within the industry.

Here are 10 established and up-and-coming ones you must check out:

1. TCT Magazine

TCT Magazine started as a Rapid Prototyping newsletter.But it has quickly expanded to encompass the most up-to-date news and information on the developing 3D technologies. This can include everything from 3D Printing, 3D Scanning and Metrology, to Design and Additive Manufacturing. We like the fact that each article and topic is listed by the author, so it’s really easy to pick your favourite subject and keep an eye on the authors’ releases.

2. Disruptive

The sister publication of the 3D Printshow, Disruptive offers a plethora of independent resources for eager 3D Print enthusiasts. The website combining with regular blog content, a magazine and a range of eBooks. There really is something for everyone, whether you are a business, brand, consumer or a fan of the industry. The blog features insights and opinions from some of the industry’s most well-respected thought-leaders.


This four-year-old website has around 1.5 million unique visitors a month. And that really isn’t surprising when you consider the variety and quality of its content. If you are looking to get in to 3D printing, this site offers a helpful price comparator between different 3D printers that are currently on the market. We particularly enjoy the video category which has 3D printing videos, interviews and in-depth technology and process reviews.

4. TechCrunch

With a strong focus on entrepreneurship and the latest technological innovations, this website is great for discovering the latest 3D printing talent and developments. It’s very well organised and because updates are made very frequently, there’s always lots of exciting content to search through.


For smaller-scale 3D printing, this website offers a helpful desktop 3D printer guide and regularly reviews products at this end of the marketplace. One of the cherries on this website’s metaphorical cake is the 3D print forum, which is extremely extensive. Not only does the forum categorise topics, it also informs users of upcoming events, apps, hardware and 3D printers for sale.


This blog analyses and publicises the most exciting emerging technologies, as well as providing quality content about the increasingly complex software and hardware that’s available. Discussions on the blog, whether they are about the latest players to join 3D print or the rise in small 3D printers, are always well researched. The look of this site is perfectly matched for its design-led audience.

7. Fabbaloo

Fabbaloo find on the belief that in the near future everyone will be able to make 3D objects using inexpensive desktop equipment. And it delivers daily 3D printing insights. This really is a great site for the DIY 3D printer. This site also features a buying guide for equipment, services, software, 3D models or materials. You can find what you are looking for quickly because they are extremely well organised.

8. 3D Printing Industry

This is how we like our news served. 3D Printing Industry have their finger firmly on the pulse of 3D print. The site has a great layout to encompass the scale and variety of content they produce. Moreover, with extremely regular updates on everything from industry news, latest software, 3D Print projects, research and equipment, there’s never a dull moment on 3D Printing Industry.

9. Wired

You can discover everything on this website; from case studies, industry awards, machinery reviews, materials and much more. And the layout of this site is extremely interactive, with up-to-date 3D Printing news, including some really insightful video posts. If you enjoy 3D printing updates from across all industry sectors, this is definitely the site for you.

10. Forbes

A combination of in-house news and external contributors, Forbes covers the span of 3D Printing news. If you prefer watching videos then the site offers a helpful search navigation to deliver only 3D printing photos and videos. Besides, the content varies from case studies, software and DIY 3D printing to expertly-crafted content from established thought-leaders.

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