How does 3D printing cost?

How does 3D printing cost? For all 3D printing service providers, the The cost of 3D printing are calculated by the weight of materials.

Currently, all materials uploaded by LAVA are calculated by weight. For example, the unit price of standard resin material is 0.2 US dollars per gram. Friends who know a little about 3D modeling or 3D drawings can calculate the weight of the body required for model printing.

However, the weight of the body can only be used as a reference. This is not the price we finally quoted, because the model printing will produce supporting structures, which are not available in the model body.

Therefore, the personally calculated price will be slightly lower than the actual price. You can directly upload the STL file directly on our online platform to get the price.

Currently, the platform supports uploading 10 files at a time, and a single file cannot exceed 64M. If you have mass-produced parts or parts drawings exceeding 64M. You can contact us directly. We will quote you manually.

The parts units we currently support are millimeters and inches. Please select the corresponding unit before uploading, otherwise the pricing system defaults to millimeters.

How does 3D printing cost

For some parts with a large volume but few materials required for printing, such as hollow bottles and large shells, we will treat them as special parts, and the cost method will be different. We will adjust the price in real time according to the actual situation of the order.

If you have any questions about 3D printing, please contact us directly.

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