7 Unique 3D printing Projects to Do this 2021!

Do you want to do something unique this summer break? Well, why not invest in online 3D printing? You can read 7 unique 3D printing projects and try them on this article.

Summer break is on and you want to do something productive for yourself! Well, here’s a suggestion why not go for 3D printing projects?

3D printing is one unique thing that the 21st century has to offer. What’s more? With online 3D printing options, you can now bring your imagination to life. All you require is making design and ensuring that it is readable by an online printer.

Once it is comprehendible, pick your choice of material and your online printing will come to life within a few hours at max. So, if you’re wondering what you can create using an online 3D printer, fret not! This blog has 7 unique 3D project ideas for you, which will surely excite you!

1. Fandom Art Projects

Are you fond of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones? Or do you love the Avengers and Batman? Well, whatever your choice is, how wonderful will it be to configure your fantasy into reality!

So, construct a design of any fandom item, for example, you can create a Hobbit or Hogwarts castle and use the online 3D printer to give it life.

Once done, decorate and customize this model for your home/office. You can also gift it to a friend for his/her birthday and make them smile in glee.

2. Measuring Spoons

Do you have a knack for cooking and baking? Then you might require measuring spoons for different materials. But, stainless steel ones are costly, right? Well, worry not! With online 3D printing, you can customize different size and shapes for developing customized measuring spoons.

So, simply state a style and design your spoons before making it readable by the online printer. Once it completes reading the design, use the raw material selected to develop the spoons.

3. Guitar

Did you know that you can 3D print any electric or an acoustic guitar?

So, if you wish to present this to your music addict friend, customize a favorite design for him and get in touch with an online 3D print company. Just by selecting the material you can give life to a 3D printed guitar that your friend can use to make magnificent melodies.

4. Desk Organizer

Do you have a pile load of paperwork but no place to store it? Well, time to get a customized desk paper organizer or tray. But, you do not want to buy the same boring ones?

No issues! Simply design the sample and use an online 3D printer to give your design real life. Now, if you choose metal or resin base for the paper tray organizer it’ll last for a long time and also give you good ROI. Not to mention, the desk organizer made via 3D printing is also cheaper in comparison to ones available in the market.

5. 3D Printed Outfits!

This might come as a shocker but yes, 3D printing is also applicable in fashion designing. In fact, loads of unique dresses and outfits are made using 3D printing tools. The best part is these are inexpensive too!

So, if you have a knack for fashion designing and recently designed a unique outfit with intricate patterns, bring it to life using a 3D printer. With this created prototype you can see how people react to your outfit. If it is successful, you can stitch it up and start your branded fashion line.

6. Medical Models

Are you a professor teaching in a medical college? Well, in case you are you’ll require medical models for a demonstration to your students. Thankfully, you can design medical models with accuracy and bring them to life using a 3D printer. For example, create prototypes of heart, anatomy etc. for educational purposes.

7. Cutlery

If your wife is into kitchen utensils and loves silverware then it is a good option to gift her cutlery. But, the design she is looking for is quite expensive? Well, worry not! You can use an online 3D printing machine, to manufacture unique cutlery made of metals like silver, brass, steel etc.

This will undoubtedly be cheaper and impress your wife owing to their singular designs.

On this footnote, now that you know of the 7 different kinds of things to undertake with 3D printing, start now! Just ensure to find a reputed 3D printing website for your projects and you can bring life to your designs within a short span of time.

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