How do I select the right 3D printing process for my prints?

There are many ways that you can choose, which means you can apply any method to solve this problem.

According to the material:
If you know what materials you want to use, such as PA12 or Resin. It is easy for you to choose the 3d printing process. Even there are the same materials between different 3d printing processes, you can also choose the best process by asking the customer assistant of your supplier.

According to the application:
Once you know what the surface looks like and the target of the properties that the part needs to be reached, you can easily choose the right 3d printing process by checking the datasheet of the material under different processes.

You can check all the 3d printing processes in You can study the working method of different 3d print processes. And we have a detailed material datasheet. You can learn more about the parameters of different materials under different 3d printing processes. If you have any questions about this, you can contact us directly. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

For FDM 3d printing process, it is the most popular 3d printing process. Even everybody can handle the desktop 3d printer. It is easy for the most makers to understand and this process is suitable for small series production of simple structure part that nearly doesn’t need supports.

For power bed fusion 3d printing process, it includes SLS 3d printing process and MJF 3d printing process. The quality of the MJF is better than SLS. But the materials of SLS are more than MJF that you can choose. It depends on what material you want to use.

For resin 3d printing process, it includes SLA, DLP, LCD 3 kinds of 3d printing process. Now we use these 3 to produce parts for our customers. But the SLA process is the one that percentage over 95%. The second one is DLP 3d printing process. This technology can 3d print very vivid and very smooth surface and detailed textures parts. So this is your dish if you need a very good surface and detailed features. We rarely use LCD. The quality is not good as SLA.

For the metal 3d printing process, it is also called SLM or DMLS. This 2 metal 3d printing process is the 2 processes that we used mostly. The surface is rough than CNC machining. But it can be second CNC machining after metal 3d printing. For small batch metal parts that can’t be produced by CNC machining or other metal processing method, it is the best choice to use the metal 3d printing process.

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