Best 3D Printing Services 2021

Which company is the best 3d printing service provider? Check our guide to know the best 3d printing service provider. You can get the information of the process and process of them.


Shapeways is the largest 3d printing service provider around the world. You can upload your design and choose the 3d printing material. You can also upload your design on the website. Shapeways will help you 3d print and sell your design to other customers who love your design.

2.3D Hubs

The largest make on demand hubs, 3D Hubs offers 3d printing, CNC machining, injection molding and sheet metal service. Now it has been acquired by Protolabs. So you can have more choice to manufacture your parts.


All 3DP is an online 3d printing magazine. You can also 3d print your parts on CloudCraft. Now many 3d printer service providers have joined ALL 3DP. So you can choose the best provider near you or the cheapest provider worldwide.


The largest 3d printing service provide in US. You can do nearly any 3d printing process from FDM, SLS, SLA to DMLS and MJF. So it is the best choice if you are located in US and you need not only one material to make your parts. They can 3d print your parts overnight and your can receive your parts when you wake up! This is amazing!


LAVA( is a Chinese 3d printing provider. The lowest labor cost make the parts cheaper than other provider. And this company have over 50 kinds of 3d printing materials from Resin, Plastic to Metal. Quality guaranteed, so you don’t need to worry the quality of the parts. Specialized experts will contact with you if the parts have problems.


As the famous 3d printing service provider, i.materialise can do most of the 3d printing process from FDM to SLA. But the price is a bit higher compared to other company. But because they use the best quality materials and 3d printing from 3D Systems. The quality of the parts will not let you down.


Like ALL 3DP, Xometry is a software company who has many 3d printing service provider worldwide. You can upload you parts to get the instance price and you can order online. The factory will 3d print the parts and ship them to you.
Xometry also offers CNC machining and injection molding.

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