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Flexible PA12

Windform® RL, a kind of 3D printing material, is a durable thermoplastic elastomer material with exceptional rubber-like distinguishing features.Its mechanical characteristics make it particularly suited for Additive Manufacturing applications requiring complex geometries, and where flexible characteristics is a key requisite.It shows excellent durability and stability: it accommodates chemicals and heat resistance and combines superior tear resistance with burst strength.Windform® RL withstands repeated bending and deformation.It allows to manufacture accurate, reliable, and long lasting prototypes and durable end-use parts.

Key Benefits
Exceptional rubber-like distinguishing features
Excellent durability and stability
High performance sealing power
Superior tear resistance
Accurate and superior surface finish

Technical Specifications

Object model printed with Flexible PA12 material

Appearance Black
Printing Process Selective laser sintering
Maximum part dimensions 1000×500×450mm
Layer thickness 0.06~0.3mm adjustable
Laser Type 2 x CO2 100W
Scanning Speed 15.2 m/s
Max. Chamber Temperature 220°C
Tensile Strength 5MPa
Tensile Modulus 20.3MPa
Shore Test 83 Shore A