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PolyPropylene is a well-known, versatile plastic, a kind of 3D printing material, with interesting properties that makes it unique, and in some cases a convenient alternative to PA12.

Key Benefits
Extremely easy to process, 136°C melting point
Suitable for applications that requires ductility, like snap-fits or living hinges
10% lighter than PA12
High chemical resistance
Low friction coefficient
Suitable for small to big parts
25% lower purchase price than PA12
Lower refresh rate than PA12 (that gives an extra economical advantage)

Technical Specifications

Object model printed with PP material

Appearance White
Printing Process Selective laser sintering
Maximum part dimensions 1000×500×450mm
Layer thickness 0.06~0.3mm adjustable
Laser Type 2 x CO2 100W
Scanning Speed 15.2 m/s
Max. Chamber Temperature 220°C
Tensile Strength 28MPa
Tensile Modulus 1250 MPa
Flexural Modulus 1150MPa
Impact Strength 25 KJ/m2
Heat deflection temperature (1.8 MPa) 53 °C
Shore Test 72 Shore D