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High Precision Resin (lost wax casting for jewelry)

A popular line of photosensitive resins that contain ceramic particles, EnvisionTEC’s RC materials build tough and stiff parts at very high resolutions.
Parts made with these materials are also resistant to high temperatures and are ideal for silicone molding, pump housings, blades, test parts for wind tunnels, light reflectors and various automotive applications.
These materials are also perfect for high detail jewelry and animation applications and can be finished with a variety of methods including painting or plating.
This high precision resin is widely used nowadays for the precision lost wax casting model. There are dozens of thousands of earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants and all other dedorations are made from this 3d printing material, thanks for it’s extremely high resolution and high strength.

Key Benefits
Short curing time
No deformation during modeling
80 degrees celcius of heat-resistant
Smooth performance
High precision
Good detail and clear outline

Technical Specifications

Object model printed with High Precision Resin (lost wax casting for jewelry) material

Appearance Peach
Printing Process Stereolithography (SLA)
Maximum part dimensions 1400 x 700 x 500 mm (551.1 x 275.5 x 196.8 in)
Layer thickness 0.1 -0.25 mm
Standard accuracy L<100 mm: ±0.2mm L≥100 mm: ±0.2% x L
Minimum wall thickness 0.6 mm
Minimum pore diameter 1.0 mm
Tensile strength 35MPa
Elongation 12.1%
Flexural Modulus 2350 MPa
Impact Strength 44 J/M
Heat Deflection Temp. @ 0.45 MPa 64℃