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ABS-M30 Filament

ABS-M30 is 25 to 70 percent stronger than standard ABS, making it ideal for concept modeling, functional prototyping, manufacturing tools and end use parts as a kind of 3D printing material. With significantly stronger layer bonding than ABS and greater tensile, impact and flexural strength, ABS-M30 parts are stronger, smoother and have better feature detail.

Key Benefits
greater tensile, impact and flexural strength;
significantly stronger layer bonding;
smoother and have better feature detail;

Technical Specifications

Object model printed with ABS-M30 Filament material

Appearance Black
Printing Process Fused Deposition Melting
Maximum part dimensions 406*355*406 (mm)
Layer thickness 0.127,0.254,0.33mm
Tensile strength 31Mpa
Tensile Modulus 2,230 MPa
Flexural Strength 60 Mpa
Flexural Modulus 2,060 MPa
Heat Deflection (HDT) @ 66 psi, 0.125” unannealed 96°C
Impact Strength 128J/m