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Transparent Resin (similar to plastic)

Somos® WaterClear Ultra 10122 is an optically clear stereolithography material, a kind of 3D printing material, that is easy to use and fast to build. This material produces colorless, functional and accurate parts that simulate an acrylic appearance. Parts produced with Somos®
WaterClear Ultra 10122 exhibit excellent temperature resistance.
Somos® WaterClear Ultra 10122 is ideal for applications such as master patterns,concept and functional models. This material also provides refractive values similar to engineered plastics for functional testing in optical light transmission work.

Key Benefits
Strong structure with high impact resistance;
High deflection temperature;
Excellent chemical resistance;
Biocompatible: meets USP Class I-VI and US FDA guidance for Intact Skin Surface Devices.

Technical Specifications

Object model printed with Transparent Resin (similar to plastic) material

Appearance Optically clear
Printing Process Stereolithography (SLA)
Maximum part dimensions 1400 x 700 x 500 mm (551.1 x 275.5 x 196.8 in)
Layer thickness 0.1 -0.25 mm
Standard accuracy L<100 mm: ±0.2mm L≥100 mm: ±0.2% x L
Minimum wall thickness 0.6 mm
Minimum pore diameter 1.0 mm
Heat deflection temperature (0.46 MPa) 47 °C
Hardness (Shore D) 87
Tensile strength at yield 50 MPa
Tensile strength at break 56 MPa
Flexural Strength 84 MPa
Flexural Modulus 2490 MPa
Impact Strength 25 J/M