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PA Filament

DuPont™ Zytel® nylon resin has been an industry leader for more than 70 years, and continues to provide new materials and technical collaboration worldwide. Zytel® combines outstanding heat resistance with chemical- and hydrolysis-resistance. Zytel® nylon 3D printing materials are used by customers across several industries (automotive, electrical, electronics, furniture, sporting goods, oil and gas etc.).

Key Benefits
Excellent balance of strength and stiffness
Excellent thermal properties (HDT > 100C)
Low sensitivity to moisture
Low warpage and shrinkage
Excellent surface aesthetics
Excellent printing performance

Technical Specifications

Object model printed with PA Filament material

Appearance Black
Printing Process Fused Deposition Melting
Maximum part dimensions 450*450*600mm
Layer thickness 0.05~0.3mm
Position Accuracy X/Y: 18.75um Z: 1.56um
Maximum Nozzle Temperature 400 ℃
Maximum Build Plate Temperature 160 ℃
Tensile Modulus 1600Mpa
Impact Strength 3 kJ/m2
Heat deflection temperature (0.45 MPa) 105 °C