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Maraging Steel

EOS MaragingSteel MS1 is a martensite-hardenable steel. Its chemical composition corresponds to US classification 18% Ni Maraging 300, European 1.2709 and German X3NiCoMoTi 18-9-5.As 3D printing material, this kind of steel is characterized by having excellent strength combined with high toughness. The parts are easily machinable after the building process and can be easily post-hardened to more then 50 HRC. They also have excellent polishability.

Key Benefits
easily machinable
age hardenable up to approx. 54 HRC
good thermal conductivity

Technical Specifications

Object model printed with Maraging Steel material

Appearance Grey
Printing Process Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)
Maximum part dimensions 400 x 400 x 400 mm (15.8 x 15.8 x 15.8 in)
Laser type Yb-fiber laser; 1 kW
Precision optics F-theta-lens
Scan speed up to 7.0 m/s (23 ft/s)
Surface roughness after shot-peening Ra 4-6.5μm;Rz 20-50μm
Focus diameter approx. 90 µm (0.0035 in)
Typical achievable part accuracy(small parts <80x80mm) ±20μm
Typical achievable part accuracy(large parts ) ±50μm
Min. wall thickness 0.3-0.4mm
Age hardening shrinkage approx.0.08%
Surface roughness MS1 Surface(20μm) Ra 4μm;Rz 20μm
Surface roughness MS1 performance(40μm) Ra 5μm;Rz 28μm
Surface roughness after shot-peening Ra 4-6.5μm;Rz 20-50μm
Surface roughness after polishing Rz up to <0.5μm